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Bergius Botanical Gardens

Bergianska Trädgården

Address: Frescativägen
Phone: 08-545 917 00
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.bergianska.se
Busses: 40, 540
Subway station: Universitetet

Roses are red, violets are blue… but really, what color is the giant Victoria water lily? Hard to say, but one thing’s for sure: some of the lily pads are up to six feet in diameter!

In the Bergius Botanical Gardens there are two very large greenhouses. Victoriahuset is the somewhat smaller of the two, but that’s where you will find the giant Victoria water lilies. They are so big, they look like they come from another planet. In the Edward Anderson Greenhouse there are flowers and plants from every corner of the globe; accordingly a different continent is presented in every corner of the greenhouse. Unlike Victoriahuset, the Edward Anderson Greenhouse is open year-round. If you’re visiting Sweden in the winter, it’s quite an experience to walk around among tropical plants under the glass ceilings and walls as snow falls quietly outside!

The Bergius Botanical Gardens are much more than their greenhouses, of course. During the warmer months, the gardens themselves are full of beautiful flowers, a Japanese fishpond and other natural exhibits. It’s a beautiful park for a walk or a run or a picnic.

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