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Great Blecktorn Park

Stora Blecktornsparken
Public park on the south shore of the island called Södern

This park is a little bit off the beaten path near the southern shoreline of the island called Södern. Still, it’s always been one of my favorite Stockholm parks, and maybe it will become one of yours as well. Stora Blecktornsparken is a pleasant place to visit at almost any time of year—well, maybe with the exception of November and March, which is mud-time in Stockholm.

In the summer a petting zoo is open and Stora Blecktornsparken has a well-kept playground with seesaws, swings, a jungle gym and slides. The Eriksdal Pools are just a short walk away.

In the winter, Stora Blecktornsparken is transformed into a sled-lover’s paradise. There are snow-covered slopes for young and old alike. That you may end up in the middle of an unplanned snowball fight is just the price you’ll have to pay for a day of unforgettable sledding an sliding in the snow.

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