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Rålambshov Park

Public park on the south shore of Kungsholmen

three-boules-in-hand.jpgRålambshov Park’s large lawn is tucked in between the waters of Riddarfjärden and a few of Stockholm’s busiest thoroughfares, but the people who gather here might as well be a hundred miles from the tensions of the city. There are all kinds of things to do at Rålambshov Park. You’ll find a volleyball court, boules’ grounds, a ramp for skateboarding and inline skating, a playground, a basketball court, a café, and an open-air stage.

On summer evenings and weekend afternoons, Theater in the Park stages plays here pretty frequently. Despite all the organized sporting and cultural facilities the park provides, the most popular activity you’ll find on the lawn is usually a pick-up game of stickball, throwing a frisbee or kicking a soccer ball. If the skies are sunny, you’re also sure to find lots of people sunbathing, picnicking or simply stretched out on the grass reading. Why not join them if you’re nearby?

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