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Rosendal Botanical Gardens


Address: Rosendalsterrassen 12
Phone: 08-545 812 70
Opening times, etc: www.rosendalstradgard.se (Then click on the underlined text near the British flag for more information.)
Bus: 47, then walk approximately 300 meters
Streetcar: From Norrmalmstorg and Nybroplan, then walk approximately
300 meters

In Swedish, “Rosendal” means “Valley of the Roses” and it is an appropriate name for another of my favorite Stockholm parks. You’ll find that this botanical garden is an oasis in the middle of the island of Djurgården—where Skansen, the Vasa Museum and the Gröna Lund Amusement Park are located. In the spring and summer, this large botanical garden has an area where you can pick-your-own flowers for a small charge. There is also a nursery where you can buy plants and pottery, and if you’re not in the mood to shop, taste something sweet at the café. It is one of my favorites.

If you get tired of listening to your parents’ “Oohs!” and “Aahs” over the beautiful flower beds, you can flee to Rosendal’s playground until they want to move on. Like all of the other parks I’ve written about in this section, Rosendalsträdgård makes a good location for a picnic. Simple food always tastes better outdoors. Don’t forget to bring a Frisbee or a ball—then you’ll be all set for a memorable afternoon among the flowers of Rosendal.

There’s an old Swedish saying: “If you only have enough money left to buy two loaves of bread, buy just one loaf and some flowers instead!”

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