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The Ladugård Fields

Public park located on the outskirts of Östermalm.

Usually just called “Gärdet” or “The Field” by the people of Stockholm, Ladugårdsgärdet is as close to the country as you can get inside the city limits. This giant public park is close to such attractions as the Kaknäs Tower, the National Maritime Museum and the Museum of Science and Technology, all of which are worth a visit. There is also a small adventure park within Gärdet, at the foot of the Kaknäs Tower. But most of all, Gärdet offers open space, a sea of grass and room to breath.

gardet-jungle-jim.jpgLots of people go to Gärdet just to have picnics with their friends and families. It’s also a great place to fly kites, go jogging, play ball, walk your dog, or ride a bike. There are even bridal paths in Gärdet, so don’t be surprised if you see horses being exercised at almost any time of the day.

Although you don’t have to choose sides, it’s probably good to know that dog owners and their pets usually congregate on one side of Gärdet, while people who are more interested in their own exercise are usually drawn to the other. Keep your eyes open and you’re sure to find plenty of room for whatever activity appeals to you most. And don’t forget, if you feel an urge to go swimming, the Kampement Pools are just a short walk away.

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