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The Långholm Rocks and Beach

Långholmens strand- och klippbad
Public beach on the north shore of Långholmen

langholmensbad-2-175.jpgAs much fun as it is to play at a water world or show off doing high-dives at an indoor Olympic pool, there’s nothing like swimming at a beach in the summer! In Stockholm you‘ll discover that it’s not only a good way to cool off, it’s also a great way to enjoy views of the scenic city shoreline. The water may not be as warm as the heated municipal pools, but it doesn’t usually take very long to get used to it. Långholmen—one of Stockholm’s smaller, out-of-the-way islands—has a great swimming spot with a large lawn and a combination of big blocks of granite and fine sand at the water’s edge. Look directly across the waters of Riddarfjärden, and you’ve got a terrific view of Smedsuddsbadet, another popular city beach.

Långholmens strand is only a short walk away from the old Crown Jail, which has now been turned into a hotel and youth hostel. (Read more about how you can voluntarily spend a night in a jail cell in the Places to stay section.) Even if you are not staying at the hotel or hostel, you’re welcome to go in and look at the old cell blocks and the small museum.

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