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Beaches! Pools! Parks! Picnics!
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Beaches! Pools! Parks! Picnics!

When Swedish adults fondly recall their childhood summers, they remember the grass always being green, the sun constantly shining and the swimming as… “refreshing”.

Stockholm is a green city, it’s true, with lots of parks lining the shoreline where Lake Mälaren empties into the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately, however, the weather isn’t always as dependable as the grown-ups’ recollections. If you count on a mix of sunshine and showers during your summertime visit, you probably won’t be disappointed.

As far as swimming temperatures are concerned, ???refreshing” is still a fair enough word to use for the lake water streaming out towards the Baltic; but today Stockholm can offer quite a few modern, public heated pools to swim in, too. Whatever your preference, Stockholm is a great place to go swimming, to take a walk or have a picnic.

Swedes take the environment seriously. Stockholm is one of the few capitals of the world whose water is so clean that you can swim in it, right in the middle of the city. During your visit, I hope you’ll enjoy at least one of my favorite outdoor swimming spots, a park or two, and a picnic or some other outdoor activity.

As far as the parks are concerned, this section really just scratches the surface. You’ll find lush, green retreats from the rush of city life wherever you turn in Stockholm. Keep your eyes open and you???re almost sure to find a park and swimming hole to call your own.

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