A personal travel guide for adventurous young people by Lisa Love

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Of all the capitals of the world, few are more tightly packed with museums than Stockholm. You’ll find at least one in almost every neighborhood. Considering that there are more than 70 in this town, you can probably find a museum for every taste.

The museums that I write about in the links to the left are my favorites and I return to them often. A few are classic “look but don’t touch” institutions, but in most of the others you are challenged to get involved in the exhibitions “hands on.”

The museums of Stockholm are a great place to let your imagination roam free, no matter what your interests. Almost all of them have activities for kids. They may arrange guided tours for children-only, for example, or feature adventure and exploration exhibitions. Many have recently opened playrooms (or playgrounds) with museum-related themes.

If you can spend some extended time in Stockholm during the summer, the National Maritime Museum will even teach you how to sail!

Two words of warning: Many of the museums of Stockholm are closed on Mondays and some of their activities for kids are limited to the weekends and school holidays. Calling in advance is always a good idea.