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Out-of-town excursions
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Out-of-town excursions

Even if you could spend your entire summer vacation in Stockholm, you probably wouldn???t have time to see all the city sights I’ve written about in Stockholm4kids. If—against all odds—you should get tired of the big city nevertheless, there are lots of small towns and fun attractions not far from the Swedish capital. The links to the left will lead you to just a few, each of which I think is worth a special outing if you have the time and think it might be fun.

If, on the other hand, you have a tight schedule that doesn’t allow you enough time for any of the outings I suggest in this section, you might want to try one of the Waxholm Ferries or the tourist boats that stay within the city proper. The Royal Canal Tour is just one example. It departs from Strömkajen for a trip along the shady canal of Djurg??rden. When the canal opens up into the sea, the tour continues along the shores of the Baltic back towards the city.

You can’t miss the tourist boats when you’re walking along the water in the center of town. For details about their routes, prices and timetables, just ask the skipper or the people in the provisional ticket offices that line the waterfront.

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