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Places to stay
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Places to stay

Believe me, you are not going to want to spend just a few hours in Stockholm. So unless you’re staying with friends or family, you’re going to need a place to spend a night or two. In most cities that would mean finding a hotel, motel, youth hostel, inn or camping grounds.

All those normal options are open to you in Stockholm, but I’m sure you or your parents can find lots of information about them elsewhere. In this section of Stockholm for Kids, I’m going to recommend some less conventional lodgings instead. Why? Because in Stockholm you can find accommodations in everything from a square-rigged sailing ship to the old city jail!

And here???s a tip for your parents: A hearty breakfast smörgåsbord is a great way to start a day of exploration for the entire family. Although it’s a good idea to ask when you make your reservations, remember that a buffet breakfast is almost always included in the price of lodgings in Sweden.

Places to stay