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Something to eat?
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Something to eat?

When you’re visiting a foreign city and there’s no refrigerator in the room next door, it’s good to know where you can turn for a good meal or even a snack. Over the last twenty or thirty years, Stockholm has become a city where everything from East Asian to American food can be found. In addition to many first-class restaurants (see the Katarina Lift or the City Hall for two examples) you’ll also find street kitchens, hot dog stands, cafés, bistros, cafeterias and family restaurants all over town. New ones are opening all the time. In this section, I’m going to list a few out-of-the-ordinary spots.

A word about eating outdoors

We Swedes make the most of the summer because it’s often short and sweet. Filling a food basket to take along on an outing is virtually a Swedish tradition. It’s just one expression of how much Swedes love to be out in the sunshine.

In most other sections of this website, you’ve found me writing something like, “This is a great place to have a picnic,” about one beautiful spot or another.

This is the way I look at it—Stockholm is known for the glittering water that runs through it and the stunning parks that line its shores, and one of the best ways to enjoy both is from a picnic blanket or a park bench with a sandwich in hand! Buy some fruit, bread, grilled chicken or some cold-cuts—and why not a Frisbee?—and you???l be all set for a memorable afternoon in the open air.

Something to eat