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Stockholm has more than a few steep hills and sheer cliffs, and every neighborhood has a tall tower or two. There are, in other words, lots of places you can go to get breathtaking views of the city. From almost any of these high vantage points you will see water and parks, sailboats and streetcars, plus the Swedish king’s castle, the Royal Palace, in the center of town.

If you’re lucky, and visiting this port city in the summer, you may even find one of Sweden’s colossal icebreakers dockside. You won’t see them in the winter though. Once the weather turns seriously cold they are always out to sea, keeping the Baltic open for international shipping.

If you are making your first visit to Stockholm, why not start off with a visit to the city’s tallest building, just to get your bearings? It’s called the Kaknäs Tower and offers an unobstructed view of the city and its surroundings in every direction. There are plenty of other ways to get a view of the city, too. You might ride an elevator up the face of a cliff, for example; or climb the stairway to the top of the tower of the city hall; or even eat a complete meal—or just some ice cream—at an open-air café located on the heights above the main waterway leading into town.

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