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Getting around Stockholm
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The Waxholm Ferries

Waxholmsbolaget, the Waxholm Line to the Stockholm Archipelago

Phone: 08-679 5830
Destinations, timetables and fares: www.waxholmsbolaget.se
Opening hours and terminal locations: www.waxholmsbolaget.se

The Waxholm Line’s modern ferries link the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago with the Swedish capital year round, making it possible for people to live on the many islands-without-bridges in the Baltic, yet commute to work in the city nevertheless. If you like, you can do just the opposite, traveling out into the island-rich seascape that surrounds Stockholm on The Waxholm Line’s regularly scheduled routes.

During the summer, the company operates steamboats from a bygone era, vessels with names such as S/S Storskär, S/S Norrskär and S/S Blidösund. You can sail on these boats to reach such suburban islands as Ängsö, Vaxholm and Sandhamn, just to name a few.

You can also take a lunch or dinner tour if you just want to go for the scenery and a good meal. Eating “Steamship Beef” or “the catch of the day” as the islands float by in the magical Nordic light of Midsummer is an experience not to be missed. Lunch tours are scheduled regularly from June through August. For dinner onboard, call 08-243090 to reserve a table on either of the steamboats Storskär or Norrskär.

One more thing: If it’s raining in town, it may be sunny out in the archipelago. The Waxholm Line maintains a live webcam out in Sandhamn so you can check to see for yourself.

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