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The Stockholm water museum

Address: Falkenbergsgatan 2, Djurgården
Phone: 08-660 49 40
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.aquaria.se
Busses: 44, 47
Streetcar: From Norrmalmstorg and Nybroplan
Ferry: From Gamla Stan and Nybroviken

Shark at Aquaria, the water museumMeet fish in a world of their own. Take a hike through a tropical rainforest,
climb down into underground sewers (if you dare), or rest for a while in a tunnel surrounded by sharks. Can you find the Blue Tang Surgeonfish, the Mackerel and the Unicorn Fish? At Aquaria you’ll be amazed by the rich variety of life hiding under the surface of the sea. Even better, you’ll also learn about what we can do to preserve sea life everywhere.

aquaria-poison-dart-frog-85.jpgConsidering that Stockholm is much closer to the arctic than the tropics, the staff of Aquaria has done a fantastic job presenting fish from all over the globe in naturally realistic settings. You don’t just gaze into small glass tanks at Aquaria, you walk through a steamy jungle and look down into pools swarming with life. There’s even a suspension bridge hanging over a school of piranha. If you want to get a better, close-up view of these fish of prey, you can go downstairs and look in through underwater viewing ports. In the same room, you’ll also find tiny Poison Dart Frogs, the most lethal—and enormously colorful—frogs in the world. Don’t worry though, they’re kept safely behind glass.

When you go on to the next room, you’ll find fish of the coral reefs of the world. The shark tunnel is also here. Younger children may find it a little frightening, but one thing is for sure: You’re not likely to forget the day you were first surrounded by sharks and their friends on all sides.

There is much more to see at Aquaria of course, so take your time and explore the different ecosystems. If you really want to be thorough, you can also see an introductory film that tells the story of Aquaria, why it was founded and what its collections contain. It’s shown regularly in a separate building by the exit of the aquarium’s café. Ask for directions at the entrance.

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Stockholm is built around the water,
so it shouldn't be surprising that the town’s water museum is one of its most interesting.

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Underground in the Stockholm sewers