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The Butterfly House


Address: The Haga Gardens, Hagaparken, Solna
Phone: 08-730 39 81
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.fjarilhuset.se
Bus: 515

If you want to do something that your entire family will enjoy, the Haga Gardens and its butterfly house are ideal for all ages. In the butterfly house itself, you can walk around among un-caged birds and butterflies.

Butterfly on a leafAs fantastic an experience as that is, there’s even more to enjoy outdoors—honey-bee hives, exotic flower beds, Scandinavian vegetable gardens and an Asian fantasy garden that has its own hummingbird house. If you come from a part of the world where hummingbirds don’t hover outside your window, these tiny, vibrant birds are worth the visit alone.

Bring a picnic basket and you can make it an entire day’s outing. Nearby you’ll find King Gustav III’s pavilion, Haga Castle and the ECO-temple, all of which are fabulously beautiful buildings.

Round off your day with a children’s play (usually in Swedish) in the castle ruins. Even if you don’t understand the language, you may very well know the story. These plays are often based on one of Astrid Lindgren’s international best sellers for children. It’s an open air theater, so don’t forget an extra sweater and a blanket. You’re in Sweden, after all! The performances are for ages 5 and above. For more information call 08-31 40 90.


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Some butterflies migrate up to
3,500 kilometers (2,200 miles) or more on their tissue-thin wings.

Butterfly on a girl’s nose