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The von Hallwyl Palace

Hallwylska museet

Address: Hamngatan 4
Phone: 08-519 555 99
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.hallwylskamuseet.se
Busses: 2, 47, 55, 62, 69, 76, 91
Streetcar: From Djurgården
Subway station: Östermalmstorg

hotcolwater.jpgOne hundred years ago, the von Hallwyl family lived in the heart of Stockholm in a grand mansion they called a palace. The von Hallwyls were not Swedish royalty but they were very wealthy, and they were among the first to install hot running water in the Swedish capital. When the last von Hallwyl moved out, she left the family’s furnishings behind so people today could visit the palace as if life there had been frozen in time. When you take a guided tour of the von Hallwyl Palace, you’re taking a big step back in time.

A word of warning, this is a genuine look-but-don’t-touch museum. You aren’t allowed to wander through the palace by yourself, but the guided tours (only on the weekends in English) are so much fun that it’s worth a visit just the same. With just a little imagination, you’ll feel as if you‚ve been transported to the year 1900 when you visit the von Hallwyl Palace.

After you leave the museum, walk across the street and look towards the corner opposite Dramaten, the Royal Dramatic Theater. There in the middle of the sidewalk between Berzelii Park and Hamngatan, you’l see what looks like a worker exerting himself to come up out of a manhole, surrounded by authentic park department barriers. Get closer and you’ll discover that you’re looking at a bronze statue. It’s called “Humor” and a lot more fun than the “generals on horseback” statues that you’re likely to find in most other cities.


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