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The National Historical Museum

Historiska museet

Address: Narvavägen 13-17
Phone: 08-519 556 00
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.historiska.se
Buses: 44 and 56 to Historiska museet, busses 47, 69, 76 to Djurgårdsbron.
Subway stations: Karlaplan or Östermalmstorg, then walk about 300 meters

The National Historical Museum exists because Sweden is a gold mine—quite literally—for archaeologists. These are the scientists who dig up our past when they excavate hidden towns and treasures. In Sweden they have found artifacts from as far back as the stone, bronze and iron ages, but their Viking age discoveries are probably the most remarkable.

In the Gold Room—a giant vault in the basement—over 52 kilos of exquisite gold relics are on display. After you’ve seen their gold, you may want to know more about the Vikings. The tales they told around their campfires are well-documented and known today as the Scandinavian Sagas. Several of them are recounted through an interactive computer display in the Viking exhibition. If you are more interested in the objects on display, I’d recommend a guided tour. Call the museum in advance for specific times.

On weekends from 13:00-16:00, members of the museum staff run a creative workshop for children, where you can make souvenirs or presents for your friends at home based on the archaeological discoveries displayed at the museum (think “stone axe,” “Viking hat” or “bow and arrow”).

Depending on how old you are, you may prefer to play dress-up in costume reproductions or move on to Barnens skattkammare, the Children’s Treasure Chamber, where you can pretend to be a research archeologist yourself.

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Gold has always been associated with wealth and power and for good reason. Gold is valuable because it is scarce


Entrance Historiska museet
The Historical Museumâ—or “The Museum of National Antiquities” as it is more formally called—is a favorite of school classes and a great place to meet Swedish kids.

The medieval church exhibit has the look and feel of a genuine ancient sanctuary.

Photos © Christer Åhlin / the Museum of National Antiquities, Sweden