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The Museum of Natural History

Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum

Address: Frescativägen 40
Phone: 08-519 540 40
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.nrm.se
Busses: 40, 540
Subway station: Universitetet
Directions: www.nrm.se

LynxNowhere else have I ever seen stuffed wild animals as they are presented at Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum in Stockholm. There’s a lynx jumping into the air after its prey, reindeer being herded by prehistoric people, and a majestic reindeer on its natural trek through a mountain pass. Here you’ll also find the skeletons of long extinct dinosaurs and woolly mammoths, but this museum isn’t just about the past.

You can go aboard a “space station” and even get a feel for the lower gravity of the moon in an exhibit equipped with a series of ropes and pulleys. There is a section of the museum dedicated to the adventure of polar exploration; interactive computer stations are spread out all through the museum; and Cosmonova, Sweden’s only IMAX movie theater and largest planetarium, is also located at Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum. (For more information about Cosmonova, check out the special article about it elsewhere in Stockholm4kids.)

redwood-sunlight-105h.jpgOne of the displays that I like most is really low-tech. There is a slab of wood cut straight through a giant redwood tree that grew in California for well over a millennium before it was cut down. The growth rings are marked with years that go back to the age of the Vikings and beyond and you can see how a tiny sapling grew into one of the mightiest trees on earth over a period of almost two thousand years.

Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum can take an entire day to go through, but there are probably better places to eat elsewhere. The museum cafeteria, which is often cold, and uninviting is also a little on the expensive side. Weather permitting, I’d rather go outside and eat a picnic!

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