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The Museum of Science and Technology

Tekniska museet

Address: Museivägen 7
Phone: 08-462 55 310
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.tekniskamuseet.se
Bus: 69

This is a place where you’ll learn things that you’ll never forget. It is a technology museum and a science center all-in-one. At Tekniska musee—as it’s called in Swedish—you can descend into a full-scale model of a mountain mine. You can also see an incredibly detailed, handmade Swedish model railway in action, or experiment in Teknorama, where hands-on displays demonstrate scientific principles and their practical uses.

Giant scaleYou can explore, observe and draw conclusions. Teknorama proves that science and engineering are neither boring nor difficult and can be great fun. No matter how old you are, there is something at Teknorama for everybody, and you’re allowed to try it all!

Three kids at a computerIn other parts of Tekniska museet there are lots of models and interactive computer stations that can help you understand the technology behind everything from small vacuum cleaners to giant power plants. In the great hall, there are vintage airplanes, cars, bicycles and locomotives, and the museum also features some of the first industrial robots ever made.

If you are interested in machines, Tekniska museet has more than you could ever hope to explore in a day. In additions to the regular exhibitions, there are also special activities arranged for all ages on weekends, holidays and during vacation time.

Soap bubbleTeknorama, by the way, may have been the first science center in Sweden, but it is not the only one. Actually, there are more than twenty today, spread out all over the country. A little too far outside of Stockholm to be included in this section, you’ll find Sweden’s largest science center, for instance, Tom Tits Experiment. Tom Tits is located in Södertälje, but it’s not far from a commuter train line station and can make for a great full-day’s outing from Stockholm. If you like Teknorama, I can wholeheartedly recommend Tom Tits Experiment as well.

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Tekniska museet—The Museum of Science and Technology—is a place where you are encouraged to use your hands and head
to find out how things work.

Building a bridge
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