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The Music Museum


Address: Sibyllegatan 2
Phone: 08-519 554 90
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.stockholm.music.museum
Buses: 47, 62, 69, 76
Subway station: Östermalmstorg or Kungsträdgården and a short walk.

The Music Museum ought to consider changing its name to the Sound Museum. Not that the museum doesn’t offer great hands-on music exhibits—it does—but the people who designed the exhibits also have done a great job in describing how all sound is generated, transmitted and interpreted. Does that sound boring? Believe me, the Music Museum makes it great fun!

At the Music Museum you will be given the opportunity to play not only ordinary instruments but also original instruments unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You can build a rhythm instrument of your own and even listen to the music of a sparkling starry sky!

musicmuseumjam.jpgOn weekends and during school holidays, the museum organizes special children’s programs and during certain weekdays there is a “child’s play” program for preschoolers. (Call the museum for times and days.) The recital hall on the top floor of the museum is often used for instrumental concerts. (Again, call the museum for scheduling details.)

This museum really does offer something for everybody, no mater what age. A small word of warning: because there are so many hands-on exhibits, the Music Museum can sometimes be a bit noisy when there are lots of visitors. If you can choose a time when there are shorter lines, you’ll probably enjoy this museum more.

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