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The Royal Treasury


Address: Slottsbacken 3
Phone: 08-402 61 30
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.royalcourt.se
Busses: 43, 55, 71, 76 to bus stop “Slottsbacken”
Subway station: Gamla Stan or Kungsträdgården and a 10 minute walk

Would you like to see the Swedish crown jewels? Then you’re going to have to take the stairs or an elevator deep down to the vaults underneath the Royal Palace. Right next to the Royal Armory, this is where the Swedes keep the symbols of the their monarchy. Some of the crowns and other precious objects on display are still used from time to time for royal weddings, christenings and funerals. You’ll find the sword of Gustav Vasa—sometimes called the “liberator king”—and the crown, orb, scepter and key of Erik XIV among many other priceless objects. The Royal Treasury is a pretty small museum, but that turns out to be an advantage. You can get a close look at the crown jewels because this museum exhibits them so well.

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Corwn and scepter