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The Stockholm Streetcar Museum


Address: Tegelviksgatan 22
Phone: 08-462 55 31
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.sparvagsmuseet.sl.se
Busses: 2, 55, 66, 96

ssm-skylt-105.jpgThe entrance to Spårvägsmuseet looks like an entrance to the Stockholm underground, complete with the trademark “T-in-a-circle” sign. Once you come inside, however, you find yourself in a giant bus, tram and railway hall that is divided into three permanent sections of display, each designed to tell part of the history of public transportation in and around the Swedish capital.

The first section contains more than 50 different vehicles and is all about the culture and history of public transportation in Stockholm. The second part of the hall deals more with people-moving technology from horsedrawn trams to ultra-modern underground trains. The third section presents the relationship between art and the Stockholm underground network, which some people actually call the “longest art gallery in the world”. Temporary exhibits are spread throughout the museum and are almost always interesting, but even parts of the permanent displays are great fun.

ssm-kids-train.jpgFor example, there is a mini-underground train that runs very frequently during the summer months, and mostly on Thursdays to Sundays during the rest of the year. You can climb aboard old buses, trains and trams and sit wherever you like. You can also try out driving a bus, tram or underground train in one of the driver’s cab simulators. They are almost like the real thing, and from the subway driver’s perspective, you get to see the underground tunnels as you’ve never seen them before. There is also a computer terminal that lets you try your skill at traffic planning. If you’re interested in wheels, gears and motors, this is the place for you.


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