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Out-of-town excursions
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Drottningholm Palace

On the island of Lövön in Lake Mälaren

Opening hours, admission, etc: www.royalcourt.se
World Heritage Information: www.royalcourt.se
Subway Station: Brommaplan and then connect to bus 317
Boat service: www.strommakanalbolaget.com

Back in 1981 the Swedish King, Carl XVI Gustaf, moved his family out of the Royal Palace in the city and into Drottningholm Palace, on an island called Lövön in Lake Mälaren. This palace, often called the Versailles of the North, is listed by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site because of such attractions as its Chinese Pavilion, 18th century theatre, the Royal Chapel and the main castle building itself. The beautiful baroque gardens between the palace and the water are open to the public and the surrounding fields provide a perfect spot for a picnic.

You can travel by water from downtown to Drottningholm if you like. Strömma Kanalbolaget operates daily boat trips from Stadshusbron to Drottningholm from May to September. You can also get to Drottningholm by taking the subway to Brommaplan and then transferring to local bus 317.

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