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Out-of-town excursions
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Miniature Car Land

Lådbilslandet, open from May through September

Address: Allevägen 11, Nedre Bruket in Nykvarn
Phone: 08-552 479 70
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.nykvarn.com/ladbilslandet

lbl-polisbil-175h.jpgIn addition to Tom Tit’s Experiment and Gripsholm Castle, there is another tourist attraction well worth a visit southwest of the capital. It lies in a town called Nykvarn, (which is just off the main highway, halfway between Mariefred and Södertälje):
“Miniature Car Land” or “Lådbilslandet” is a perfect excursion if you’re a young car or truck enthusiast. On a private, paved track, you can drive real motor-driven vehicles that are guaranteed to be too small for an adult to sit in. You can drive police cars, trucks, busses, tractors and many other miniature vehicles too.

Designed with 2-10 year-olds in mind, Lådbilslandet also has a small amusement park with an inflated fort to bounce around in, a small carousel and even a miniature train. There’s an entry charge for children but—when accompanied by children—adults are admitted for free.

At Lådbilslandet your parents can relax at a quiet café next to the track. As I’m sure they’ll discover, it is as an excellent spot for older spectators to keep an eye on the family drivers. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the road!

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At Lådbilslandet
there’s an entry charge for children,
but when accompanied by children,
adults are admitted for free!



Photos courtesy of Lådbilslandet, Nykvarn, Sweden