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Out-of-town excursions
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Steam Boat / Steam Train Excursion

Gripsholm Castle

Castle opening hours, admission, etc: www.royalcourt.se
Boat service: www.mariefred.info
Steam train service: www.oslj.nu

Another fun freshwater excursion will take you by steamboat from Stadshusbron to the town of Mariefred. This is the site of Gripsholm Castle where the national portrait collection is displayed. Now, I’m not suggesting that a collection of painted portraits, by itself, is worth the trip for most people, but the boat ride does pass through some of the most beautiful lake country in Sweden, and Mariefred also has a narrow gauge, steam-powered museum railroad that anyone who loves trains is sure to enjoy riding.

If you don’t want to take the boat ride (which takes three-and-a-half hours) back to Stockholm, you can do this instead: Take the boat to Mariefred, the steam train to Läggesta Station and a modern, high-speed train from Läggesta back to Stockholm.

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