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Sweden’s Largest Science Center

Tom Tits Experiment

Address: Storgatan 33 in Södertälje
Phone: 08-522 52500
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.tomtit.se

Take the commuter train to one of its last stations, 35 kilometers (about 22 miles) south of Stockholm and you’ll come to Södertälje. Like Stockholm, Södertäje lies between the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren. In this port city you’ll find not only Sydpoolen, one of the country’s largest indoor water worlds, but also “Tom Tits Experiment,” Sweden’s leading science center.

At Tom Tits you can explore the 600 or so experiments and exhibits in the four-storied science center and outdoor park at your own pace. There is no “prescribed path” and you do not need to understand Swedish. In fact, you’ll find that there are hardly any signs around the exhibits at all! The staff usually says, “Feel free to touch the exhibits and see what happens!” Tom Tits Experiment is open year round and the staff put on daily experiment demonstrations, soap bubble shows and something they call “rat agility races”, which are both great fun and educational.

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