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Spend the Night in Jail

Långholmen, the Crown Jail

Address: Långholmsmuren 20
Phone: 08-720 85 00
Reservations, information, etc: www.langholmen.com

Have you got the nerve to spend a night in a jail cell? Why not give it a try at the Old Crown Jail on the island of Långholmen? Unlike earlier “guests”, at least you will be free to come and go as you please!

As you’ve probably figured out by now, Långholmen’s Old Crown Jail has been remodeled into a youth hostel and hotel. While it’s true that much of the look and feel of the old jail have been retained, the new owners have turned the cells into tastefully decorated singles, doubles, bunk rooms and family rooms. The cells in the hotel section are even equipped with both telephones and cable television. One of the city’s nicest beaches is only a short walk from the entrance. Concerts, theater performances and puppet shows are held nearby on an outdoor stage in the summer.

Although it’s a light and airy structure today, you may want to take the time to delve into the dark history of Långholmen Jail, which stretches back to the 1840s. If so, the hotel and hostel also house a museum that tells the story of the time when convicts were kept here under lock and key. One cell has been preserved as it used to be, which is interesting, but the museum can be a bit upsetting for sensitive souls and is probably not something for the very young. But you can skip the museum if you want to—and the cell/bedrooms are great. All in all, Långholmen Jail is a fun place to spend the night!

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