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Spend the Night on the Water

af Chapman
Address: Flaggmansvägen 8
Phone: 08-463 22 66
Reservations, information, etc: www.stfchapman.com

Sleeping in a cabin on board a boat or ship is not only comfortable but cozy. You can feel the rocking of the harbor swells and the lapping of the water as you drift off to sleep, and a fresh breeze off the water in the morning is sure to arouse your appetite for breakfast. In Stockholm, you’ll find quite a few vessels—boats and ships—that serve today as hotels and hostels.

Af Chapman, for example, is a square-rigged tall-ship that is moored at Skeppsholmen, a small island opposite the old town and the Royal Palace. Launched in 1888, the af Chapman has sailed the seven seas during her lifetime and was saved from the scrap-yard by a city that wanted to preserve the nautical appeal of her white-painted masts and hull. This ship is a real beauty. Even if you don’t plan to stay here, you might like to walk the decks of this respectable old sailing ship and take some pictures, too.

Address: Riddarholmen
Phone: 08-545 18 780
Reservations, information, etc: www.malardrottningen.se

Mälardrottningen was originally built as a motor yacht for an American heiress, Barbara Hutton, in 1924. Because it has been transformed into a public place—a floating luxury hotel, restaurant and café—you can now cross the gangway between the old town and the ship as royalty, millionaires and movie stars used to do as private guests. Refurbished in the north of Sweden, Mälardrottningen has been carefully preserved with much of the original mahogany and shiny brass intact, and you can view the impressive ship’s motor through a glass floor in the lounge.

The café on the after-deck offers a great view of the waters of Riddarfjärden, the City Hall on the opposite shore, and the Old Town behind her.

If you don’t want to stay—or can’t get a room—on af Chapman or Mälardrottningen, there are a number of other dockside options. All along the south shore of Riddarfjärden on Södra Mälarstrand you’ll find many floating hotels and hostels. Two that I can recommend for family accommodations are:

rygerfjord-2-105h.jpgRygerfjord Hotel and Youth Hostel
Address: Södermälarstrand, Kajplats 12
Phone: 08-84 08 30
Reservations, information, etc: www.rygerfjord.se

gustaf-af-klint-105h.jpgGustaf af Klint
Address: Stadsgårdskajen
Phone: 08-640 40 77-78
Reservations, information, etc: www.gustafafklint.se

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