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Stockholm à la Carte

Reservations, information, etc: www.destination-stockholm.com

An organization called “Destination Stockholm” offers Stockholm travel packages (with no charge for children under 18!) that can save you and your family a great deal of money on museums and local transportation in Stockholm.

A “Stockholm à la Carte” hotel package includes bed, breakfast and the Stockholm à la Carte card. Everyone in your family will be given a card at check-in. This card can be used as a travel pass, valid for unlimited free public transportation by busses, subway and commuter trains, and six free boat tours during your entire stay at the hotel.* It also gives you free admission to more than 70 Stockholm sights and attractions, including most—but not all—of my favorites listed here at Stockholm4kids.

* The “Stockholm à la Carte” card is valid during the whole stay, i.e. arrival and departure days, all days in between and is issued upon check-in.

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