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Mongolian barbeque

Something different – just for the fun of it!

mongolianchef-85h.jpgWhen you’re out and about, traveling in far-off places, it can sometimes be fun to try something that has nothing at all to do with the local culture, just for the fun of it. Mongolian restaurants are fun. You select the raw ingredients—thin slices of meat and chicken, vegetables, noodles, and so on—from a buffet table, give the plate to one of the chefs, and watch while he or she prepares it all in front of your very eyes. It’s really tasty, reasonably inexpensive and you can eat as much as you want to. Here are three that I like. All of them have good food and friendly service.

Mongolia Djingis Khan Barbecue
Address: Sveavägen 36
Phone: 08-21 63 85 • Opening hours: www.djingiskhan.net
Subway station: Hötorget

Restaurant King Tang
Address: Sveavägen 47
Phone: 08-10 58 18 • Opening hours: www.restaurant-guide.com
Subway station: Rådmansgatan

Restaurang MBQ
Address: Vasagatan 8
Phone: 08-10 12 20 • Opening hours: www.mongolianbarbeque.se
Subway station: T-centralen

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Photos above courtesy of Djingis Khan Barbecue