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Something to eat?
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The food stalls of Östermalm

Östermalms Saluhall – the Östermalm Public Market
Address: Östermalmstorg 1
Opening hours: Times vary, but generally between 9:30-18:00.
Subway station: Östermalmstorg

ostermalmssaluhall-85h.jpgThe public market in Östermalmshallarna is housed in a beautiful redbrick building in one of the most stylish neighborhoods of Stockholm. Believe me, this is the place to buy food for a picnic. You can get everything from roasted chicken to boiled crawfish at the food stands. Cheeses, breads, flowers and both Swedish and foreign delicacies are all available here in what must be the most elegant of all of Stockholm’s public markets.

In the same building, upstairs at Nybrogatan 31, you’ll find Örtagården, a top-rated vegetarian restaurant that prepares food that even die-hard meat-eaters will enjoy. Their phone number is 08-662 17 28. For opening hours, please see this Google translation of their Swedish website.

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