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Something to eat?
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Vetekatten – pastries and sandwiches

Vetekatten – a genuine old-fashioned konditori

Address: Kungsgatan 55
Phone: 08-20 84 05
Open: Monday-Friday 07:30-20:00, Saturday 09:30-17:00
Website: www.vetekatten.se (In a Google translation.)
Subway station: T-centralen

bakelse-85h.jpgSwedes take coffee and tea seriously and they like something sweet to go with it. Vetekatten is a traditional tea room, or konditori, and the perfect place to see how the natives do enjoy their coffee breaks. Vetekatten has chocolate creams, confectionary delights, bread, lunch and much more. If you find it difficult to make choices this may not be the place for you, of course… Otherwise I guarantee that you will genuinely feel like a kid in a candy store when you stand in front of their pastry counter.

If you’re walking through Gamla Stan, Café Kaffekoppen is also a good choice for coffee, tea, juice and something sweet on the side.

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