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The Royal Stables

Hovstallet – The Royal Stables – also known as “The Royal Mews”

Address: Väpnargatan 1
Phone: 08-402 61 30
Busses: 47, 62, 69, 76
Subways station: Östermalmstorg
Guided tour times, admission, etc: www.royalcourt.se

website-horse-139h.jpgIf you are the least bit interested in beautiful, well-trained horses, or even a little curious about the Swedish King’s carriages, cars and limousines, the Royals Stables should absolutely be on your “to do” list in Stockholm. If, when you visit, the King’s horses are out to pasture in the country—usually in the middle of the summer—you’ll at least get to see where they live and work in the middle of the capital. For most of the rest of the year, these beautiful animals are lodged in the Royal Stalls in order to be available at a moment’s notice when the King, Queen or Crown Princess needs to call them to duty.

hovstallet-carriage-122sq.jpgSome of the carriages still in use here date back to the 1800s, and there are some veteran cars in Hovstallet’s garage too: Among others, a Daimler from 1950 and beautiful old Cadillac Fleetwood from 1969. Because the stables are a busy workplace and not a museum, you are not allowed to wander through the buildings of the compound on your own. You are very welcome to visit the Royal Stables, however, as part of a guided tour. It takes about one hour and I think your entire family will find it interesting.

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