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Spectator sports and the arts
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The only IMAX-cinema and the largest planetarium in Sweden

Address: Frescativägen 40 (Located at the Museum of Natural History)
Opening hours, tickets, etc: www.nrm.se
Ticket reservations: 08-562 600 30
Current program: www.nrm.se
Busses: 40, 540
Subway station: Universitetet
Directions: www.nrm.se

When you see a film at Cosmonova it’s like stepping into the movie.

At Cosmonova, the film is projected through a fish-eye lens onto the giant overhead dome screen from a position near the center of the theatre seating area. With breathtaking giant images and wrap-around 12,000-watt digital sound, the IMAX Dome theatre system puts you in the center of the action, which is really cool.


The films they show vary from hikes to the top of Mt. Everest to a journey into the human body. At Cosmonova you may get a chance to see men and women experiencing the weightlessness of space or dive into the undersea world of the most fearsome great white sharks. At Cosmonova, you feel like you’re really there.

Unfortunately, you have to be at least five years-old to be admitted to Cosmonova. But if the family has to split up, the Museum of Natural History, which is in the same building, has plenty of interesting things to do.

On weekends and school holidays it’s a good idea to reserve tickets in advance. This can be done by phone at 08-562 600 30. And one other thing, if you want to hear the film’s English soundtrack you can rent earpieces at the box-office.

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