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Spectator sports and the arts
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Join a TV audience

See how they make TV in the Swedish capital

If you’d like to do something that most tourists never even consider, much less do, why not see a TV show as it’s being taped?

tv-studio-button-85×85.jpgMost entertainment productions are in Swedish, of course, but it can be fun just to see all the cameras, lights and Swedish celebrities close-up. The studio floor-manager will let you know when it’s time to applaud anyway. Ordinarily, it doesn’t cost anything to join the audience, but you do need a reservation.

Some programs may have an age limit, so ask when you call. Even if you choose not to join an audience, a visit to the TV4 studios’ restaurant might be fun. They have good food, prepared of course by TV cooks, and who knows? You may end up sitting next to a Swedish TV star reporter!

TV4 (commercial television)
Address: Tegeluddsvägen 4
Booking information: 08-459 40 00
If you can manage the Swedish, you can also make reservations or at least submit your name online at www.tv4.se. Here’s a tip: In Swedish, “audience” is called “publik.”

SVT (public service television)
Address: Oxenstiernsgatan 34
Booking information: 08-784 0000 and ask what programs need audiences.
If you can manage the Swedish, you can also make reservations online via email links at www.svt.se.

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