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Spectator sports and the arts
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Sporting events

Stockholm is a city for sports year-round.

If you are interested in spectator sports, there are plenty to see in Stockholm. Stockholm’s three top sport clubs, AIK, Djurgården and Hammarby, all have top-division teams in such popular sports as soccer, ice-hockey and an odd, yet entertaining, outdoor sport called bandy.*

Attending almost anything at the Globe Arenas—from basketball to a rock concert to a horse show—is an extraordinary experience. Catching a soccer game or an international track and field meet at Stockholm Stadium is also an experience to remember. This stadium, now almost 100 years old, was where most of the events were held during the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

The big three Stockholm sport clubs each have their own home soccer stadiums. AIK plays at the National Soccer Stadium, Friends Arena (planned to open in 2012); Djurgården plays at Stockholm Stadium; and Hammarby plays its home games at Söderstadion in Johanneshov.

AIK and Djurgården both play ice hockey at the main Globe Arena also in the Johanneshov district of the city, while the Hammarby ice hockey team plays in a smaller rink nearby called Hovet. If you want to know more about these clubs and their schedules, check out their web sites, or pick up any local Stockholm paper. All three clubs have teams in other sports as well, such as handball, fencing, rugby and even bowling!

The major sports clubs online:
AIK: www.aik.se
Djurgården: www.dif.se
Hammarby: www.hammarbyfotboll.se

* Bandy is played on skates with a ball instead of a puck and might be described as twice-as-fast field hockey played on a gigantic sheet of ice.

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