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Spectator sports and the arts
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The Stockholm Globe Arenas

Spaceship Stockholm – the giant sphere just south of the city

Address: Globentorget 2
Phone: 08-725 10 00
Ticket reservations: 077-131 00 00
Online information: www.globearenas.se
Subway station: Globen

The Stockholm Globe is the largest spherical arena in the world, and the inside feels almost like a futuristic, stainless steel spaceship. For many people, it has become the defining silhouette of the Stockholm skyline.

The main arena seats as many as 16,000 spectators for such indoor sporting events as basketball, ice hockey, indoor track & field, motorcycle competitions and equestrian events. Musicals, concerts, circuses and even a mass led by the Pope have also been held there over the last few years.

For more information about all upcoming events at the Globe Arenas, you can browse their website, or call the number above. Ordering tickets in advance of your visit to Stockholm is always a good idea, since many popular events fill the arena completely.

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The Globe Arena is filled with
605,000 cubic meters of air. If a bathtub tap were used to fill it with water instead, the task would take 40 years!

Photo courtesy of the Stockholm Globe Arenas