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Spectator sports and the arts
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The stage, puppets and marionettes

There’s theater for all ages in Stockholm

In Stockholm or anywhere else, the theater is a world of make-believe, a world of imagination and dreams. Going to the theater is a little like seeing a living film where the actors aren’t on a screen, but right in front of your nose. In Stockholm you’ve got lots of theaters to choose between. They range from the gold-trimmed, high-culture Royal Dramatic Theater on Nybroplan to the Theater in the Park that stages everything from circus to comedy and children’s plays in city parks all over Stockholm.

The Royal Dramatic Theater lies in the heart of Stockholm at Nybroplan.

Parkteatern – Theater in the Park

During the summer months of June, July and August, Parkteatern stages plays in the public parks of Stockholm. They do musical productions, children’s theater, flamenco performances (!) and much more. Eat a picnic and watch a play at the same time. You’ll have to buy your own food, but the performance is completely free of charge—not a bad deal at all. To find out what parks they’re playing in and for other details about the performances check the free weekly newspaper Metro, call 08-50 620 100 or browse their website.

The Theatre District

Address: Bråvallagatan 8
Phone: 08-500 035 15
More information: www.theatredistrict.se

Almost every December between 1988 and 2003, the English Theatre Company in Stockholm staged “A Christmas Carol”, which is a musical adaptation of the classic Dickens novel of the same name. A different English-speaking theatrical company, The Theatre District, revitalized the tradition with a new production at Maximteatern in 2010 and each year since then. As the holidays approach in December, check out The Theatre District’s website for updates about new times, dates and tickets.

Tittut Puppet Theater

Address: Lundagatan 33
Phone: 08-720 75 99
e-mail: info@dockteaterntittut.se

Why settle for just puppets when you can see puppets and live actors together on stage? That’s what they were thinking when they started the Tittut (Peek-aboo) Puppet Theater, located at Lundagatan 33. They have a very small theater here so it is a good idea to reserve your tickets well in advance. Although most of their shows are in Swedish, they sometimes perform in English as well. Their target audience is between the ages of 2-9 years-old (plus parents of all ages, of course). Browse the Google translation of their Swedish language web pages or call 08-720 75 99.

Lilla Ängeln Puppet Theater

Another exceptional puppet group is Lilla Ängeln (the Little Angel). They are a touring ensemble, which means that they don’t have a permanent address or a permanent stage. If you see an ad or poster with their name on it, go see them perform; or you might even give them a call at 08-760 75 50 to find out where they will be playing next.

Teater Pero

Address: Sveavägen 114
Phone: 08-612 99 00
e-mail: info@pero.se

Teater Pero has a wonderful stage in the middle of the city and produces plays for “people who have turned three years-old or more.” They put on an extremely wide range of performances. For more information about what they are up to right now, check out their website or give them a call at 08-612 99 00. Most of their productions are in Swedish.

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