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Sporting activities
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Miniature Golf

If you and your family like to play miniature golf at home, why not join the European tour by playing a round or two in Stockholm? Well beyond the world of artificial windmills and plastic elephants, the minigolf courses listed below offer real challenges for parents and kids alike.

blurred-putter.jpgOn Swedish courses, there aren’t as many gadgets and gizmos as you’ll find elsewhere, but they have lots of tricky barriers just the same. The courses below both look like they have been designed by engineers—which they probably have been—rather than landscapers. Both are challenging and can take more than an hour to play, which is great when you’re having a good time.

Here’s a tip: If younger players are allowed to subtract a stroke or two from every hole (make sure everyone agrees on how many strokes before you start playing), your round of miniature golf will probably be more fun for everybody.

Ersta Bangolfklubb
Address: Katarina Bangata 68
Phone: 08-640 46 85

Tantogårdens Bangolfklubb
Address: Skarpskyttegatan
Phone: 08-669 82 95

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