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Sporting activities
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Skating, Biking, Boating

inline-178h.jpg When you’ve got lots of excess energy to get rid of, you can rent a bike or pair of inline skates and explore Stockholm from the fast lane. Stockholm is a city built around the water, so you might also consider a paddleboat, canoe or kajak. You can rent bikes and inlines at all three of the places listed here. If you’ve decided to see the city from the water, however, you’ll have to go to either Tvillingarnas Båtuthyrning or Djugårdsbrons Sjöcafé. Djugårdsbrons Sjöcafé is not only a rental shop, it’s also a sweet little waterside café where you can revive yourself with a snack after your energy-consuming outing.

Winter-time tip: An ice rink is set up in Kungsträdgården during the really cold months of the year. You can rent ice skates there.


Cykel och mopeduthyrning, Bicycle and moped rentals
Address: Strandvägen, Kajplats 24
Phone: 08-660 79 59

Djurgårdsbrons Sjöcafé, the Djurgård Bridge Sea Café
Address: Galärvarvsvägen 2
Phone: 08-661 44 88

Tvillingarnas Båtuthyrning, the Twin’s Boat Rentals
Address: Strandvägskajen 27
Phone: 08-660 37 14


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