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View from the top
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Address: Klockstapelsbacken 3
Phone: 08-642 99 00
Opening hours, etc: www.fafangan.se
Bus: 53

Unlike other outlooks, which are usually tall buildings, Fåfängan is a garden and a café perched high on a hill overlooking the city. It lies where a small fortification once existed in the 1600’s. Considering the view that Fåfängan commands over the entrance to Stockholm’s inner harbor, it’s pretty easy to understand why Swedish canons were once placed here. It must have been the perfect place to shoot at enemy vessels trying to force their way into the harbor below.

FÃ¥fängan PanoramaNow it’s a peaceful spot, with an excellent café, where you can buy anything from ice cream, coffee and pastries to a full meal. The boats moving in and out of the harbor below provide entertainment as you eat, drink or simply enjoy the park.

The fall-off towards the waterfront is extremely steep, but Fåfängan is fenced-in from the fall for safety’s sake. If you take the bus, you should get off at the “Londonviadukten” bus stop, follow the signs for “Fåfängan” and then walk up the hill. As long as the Swedish flag is flying by the pavilion, a refreshing cold drink or an ice cream stick will be waiting for you at the top.

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