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View from the top
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Katarinahissen, the Katarina Lift

Address: Stadsgården / Östra Slussgatan
Phone: 08-743 13 95
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.virtualtourist.com
Subway station: Slussen

The Katarina Lift was originally erected in 1883. When it was torn down fifty years later, in 1933, the people of Stockholm missed it so much that it was rebuilt soon afterward on the same site. The elevator has two cars that can take you up the rock face of the island, Södern, to the lofty streets of the scenic old Mosebacke neighborhood.

The bridge that you cross from the elevator to Mosebacke is 38 meters (some 125 feet) above the waterfront. You can see some spectacular, close-up views over the Old Town and harbor from either side of the bridge.

Not far from the “land end” of the bridge you’ll find a public park called Ivar Lo’s Park, at Bastugatan 26. Not only will you find swings and a sandbox at this small, green oasis, you’ll also discover that it has one of Stockholm’s most dramatic views.

Erik LallerstedtA tip for the grown-ups on your trip: Hanging under the bridge at the top of the Katarina Lift is celebrity chef Erik Lallerstedt’s famous restaurant, Gondolen (The Gondola). Phone: 08-641 70 90. To see live views from Gondolen, check out the restaurant’s three webcams, which are updated every minute.

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Before the invention of the elevator, rooms with a view often cost less to rent than rooms on the ground floor of a building because you had to climb stairs to reach them.


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