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Address: Herserudsvägen 32, Lidingö
Phone: 08-446 75 90 or just for information: 08-446 75 94
Opening hours, admission, etc: www.millesgarden.se
Bus: 207 (From the Ropsten subway station)
Subway Station: Ropsten

From Millesgården (the Milles’ Estate) you’ll get a perspective of Stockholm probably quite unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. Viewing the city from the rocky heights of Lidingö to the northeast, you have a vast expanse of harbor in front of you called Värta hamnen, where many of the Baltic cruise liners dock, as well as some of the giant white car ferries that serve Finland. When the weather is nice, the midday sun glitters on the water in the background. What’s in the foreground? Statues, grand terraces, fountains, stairways and columns—and they’re all pretty impressive.

Carl Milles was a sculptor and a good one, and the estate he left behind has become a sculpture park and museum that show some of his best work. If you’ve only come for the view of the city, however, the Milles Estate may be a bit pricey. You’re paying the entrance fee for a museum, after all, but it’s a good place for small children to romp, and who knows? You may find Milles’ sculpture to your liking—and the view is breathtaking!

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The Stockholm archipelago contains
over 24,000 islands, large and small. Lidingö, on the outskirts of the city, is one of them.

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